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646f9e108c Mandated and ignorant Durjan Singh is given a wake up call when Durga and her two sons Karan Singh and Arjun Singh is brought home back by the landlord and is given the house and property. Upset and ill-mannered by this Durjan Singh decided to kill Durga's two sons, but by the grace of mother Kali they were born ed back but in different neighborhoods. One day there old memories began to flash back where they happen to met in a fight and before you know they were with there mother Durga again to average there death and mother's ruination.
Karan and Arjun reincarnate in the different parts of the country. But the faith of their previous mother brings them together in order to avenge their death.
The concept of the story depends on your faith, as it is to do with re-incarnation, and geared more towards the Hindu religion.<br/><br/>The story did not appeal to me much; however, I watched the film for performances given by the actors and to see what the hype was all about.<br/><br/>I think the film was stolen by Rakhee&#39;s persuasive dialogues and Salman&#39;s macho, don&#39;t give a crap, character. Over the recent years Salman has really impressed me with his different roles. SRK like his early movies overacted too much, the fighting scenes were unconvincing and the dialogues were as they say very filmy. Kajol, unlike her recent films, was very annoying. Mamta, although very short, but gave one of her better performances.<br/><br/>All in all it&#39;s an over-hyped movie which won&#39;t be recognised as a classic. 5/10.
Karan Arjun- 1995 Director: Rakesh Roshan <br/><br/>The performances are top! Music is good! Emotions are high and the direction is superb!<br/><br/>If you are bored of boy meets girl stories, political stories or typical murder thrillers, then watch Karan Arjun! You will see Salman Khan in a mind blowing character, done superbly well! SRK does his role with confidence as well! Amrish Puri is of course outstanding as a villain! And last but not the least, Rakhee Gulzar leaves a great mark as a mother!<br/><br/>I wish they would remake this movie with better effects and the camera quality being higher! <br/><br/>Thumbs up!

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